Learn to CodeUpgrade Your Career
Who’s it for?People who are new to coding or haven’t coded before and want to become skilled quickly.People who have been coding for a few years but aren’t earning as much as they should be.
What’s involved?8 weeks of 1 on 1 coaching & homework tailored to your strengths and goals.4 weeks of 1 on 1 coaching & homework tailored toward getting you a higher paying job quickly.
What’s it cost?$7,000$5,000
How do I know you know your stuff?I’ve been coding for over 25 years and have worked some of the most challenging tech companies in the world.I’ve multiplied my pay 5x from my first full time coding job. My most recent increase when switching jobs was 70%.
How do I know it will work?If you aren’t ready for a coding job within the 8 weeks, I’ll keep coaching you until you get an offer for up to 6 months.If the job offers you get don’t increase your pay by at least the cost of this program, I’ll refund the difference up to the full cost of the program.
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