I’m Joe. I help people become software engineers.

I’m a hiring engineering manager at a company that rhymes with “Hintstacart.” But before I got into helping people deliver groceries, I was a delivering code as a software engineer at Google, Epic, Boeing and more. And before that I tutored others in programming while I studied it myself.

I’d like to spend the next 8 weeks teaching you how to code – and how to get your first coding job.

This isn’t another bootcamp, a series of videos, or an “e-course” book that’s been turned into a website so the creator can charge more.

I’m a real person who is really good at coding and helping people learn and I’d like to work with you one on one to help you get good at coding too.

Nobody is born a programmer

The truth is nobody is born a programmer. But anyone can learn how to be one. That’s why coding bootcamps are growing in popularity. But they’re not as efficient as personalized, 1 on 1 instruction.

It will require some work

8 weeks is quick. But it only works if you put in the work. Learning with a private coach is likely the fastest, easiest way to learn, but it will still require time and effort on your part.

If you free time between sessions is limited, we’ll be able to space them out. And I’ll be reachable between sessions to answer any questions and help you continue to learn.

How it works

Session 1

Before our first meeting: I’ll send you instructions on setting up your computer to code.

When we meet we’ll make sure you’re set and start working on your first project together: building a chat room.

We’ll also go over your goals to ensure you know how to build what you want to build or get the job you’re aiming for by the end of our sessions.

Session 2

Before the second session you’ll finish the chat room, asking questions as needed along the way.

In the second session we’ll review any tricky parts and ensure the project is complete. From then on our sessions will differ based on your strengths and your goals.

Sessions 3-8

In the subsequent sessions we’ll focus on:

  • Terminology and concepts
  • Algorithms and efficiency
  • Portfolio projects

If your goal is to get a job, rather than learn to build apps for yourself, we’ll also dive into:

  • Interview questions
  • Resume prep
  • Getting job interviews

Learn how to learn

If that sounds like a lot of ground to cover, that’s because it is. There are two ways we’ll accomplish all this. The first is by learning how to learn.

We’ll cover how to look up answers to questions easily, how to build a cheat sheet as you learn new concepts (no programmer memorizes everything), and how to troubleshoot issues yourself.

Learn by doing

But the biggest catalyst for your learning will be that you’ll learn by doing. We don’t start by memorizing concepts. We start by building a chat room together, with detailed step by step instructions.

As you become more proficient the instructions become less detailed.

By the time you’re building your second project, the instructions become suggestions and links to resources and by the third project you’re working off a goal and a few links.

This works

If you want to learn to code, I can teach you how, as quickly and easily as possible.

I’m so confident I protect my student with two guarantees:

The right fit guarantee

If after our first session you’re not confident this is the learning method for you, or that I’m the right coach for you, we can end our sessions and I’ll refund your payment less a $200 administrative fee to help cover the time spent and materials you’ll receive.

Sometimes it just isn’t the right fit but I’m confident that even in one session we’ll kick start your coding journey.

The success guarantee

I’m so confident that you can learn to code in 8 weeks that if you feel like you’re not ready for a job or to accomplish your coding goal at the end of it, I’ll continue coaching you for free, for up to 6 months from our first session.

I’m passionate about my students’ success and I’ll put as much time and energy as it takes into ensuring you succeed.

You can learn to code.

Wherever you’re starting from, whatever you’d like to build, we can get you there.

If you’re ready to start your coding journey, enroll now and we’ll schedule your first session.

If you have any questions, contact me.

I look forward to working with you.

-Joe Cohen