I’m Joe. I help people become software engineers.

I’m a hiring engineering manager at a company that rhymes with “Hintstacart.” But before I got into helping people deliver groceries, I was a delivering code as a software engineer at Google, Epic, Boeing and more. And before that I tutored others in programming while I studied it myself.

I’d like to spend the next 4 weeks helping you get a big raise.

It’s all about where you work

Different companies are willing to pay very different rates for the same engineer. Companies are also much more open to promoting you when you switch than if you’re already at the company.

We will leverage these factors to get you the job and raise you deserve.

How we’ll get you there

If getting a higher paying job was easy, everyone would do it. But we’ll make it as easy as possible.

This isn’t another bootcamp, a series of videos, or an “e-course” book that’s been turned into a website so the creator can charge more.

I’ll work with you one on one in four sessions to make sure you’re prepared.

We’ll update your resume, looking for gaps, filling them when needed, and making sure you put your best foot forward.

We’ll find the companies that match your skills and interests and leverage your connections to help you get your foot in the door.

But most importantly, we’ll prepare you for the coding, architecture, and manager interviews so you’re able to turn your interviews into high paying offers.

You’re already doing the work

You’re already doing engineering work. In fact, at many companies that pay less you may be working harder than if you got a job that valued you.

I’d like to help you get the pay you deserve.

Difference back guarantee

I’m so confident I can help you get a raise that if you’re not able to get a higher paying offer working with me, I’ll refund the difference, up to the full cost of the program.

tl;dr if you don’t get a higher offer working with me, I’ll refund every dollar you paid.

You can do this

You can get the raise you deserve.

If you’re ready to upgrade your career, enroll now and we’ll schedule your first session.

If you have any questions, contact me.

I look forward to working with you.

-Joe Cohen