Is Next Level Coder for me?

Who is the typical Next Level Coder student?

There is no typical Next Level Coder student. Whether you have a tech background or you're allergic to computers, Next Level Coder can help you learn the skills you need to become a talented software engineer. The course makes no assumptions about your prior level of experience in order to ensure it's accessible to anyone with a desire to learn to code.

What equipment do I need?

You need a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. That's it. We'll cover the free software you'll need to download in order to start coding in the course materials.

What will I learn?

What is the course like?

We'll start by downloading the free software you need to code. Then we'll build a chat web application using React JS for the frontend and Node on the backend. Then you'll choose an independent project and, using one of our starter packs, learn a new technology such as React Native or a new language such as C# or PHP. Then we'll review coding interview question types and link to the best resources for practice. Finally we'll review job hunting strategies.

Throughout the course support will be available via class forums and instructor email.

What languages will I learn?

The course is taught in Javascript. Once a basic scripting language, Javascript is now the cutting edge method for building native iOS and Android apps, backend services, and even desktop applications. Knowing Javascript will make it easy for you to build almost anything you set your mind to.

In the independent study portion of the course you'll be offered starter packs to help you ramp up on C#, PHP, and other languages as requested.

How long does it take?

When does the course start?

The course is on demand so it starts whenever you're ready and it moves at your pace.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is self-paced. The materials are available online 24/7 for you to learn when you have time. Your instructors and classmates are available on the discussion boards 24/7 to answer questions and help you along. You'll have access to the course for a year, but we anticipate it will take 14 weeks if you study for an hour a day.


How much does the course cost?

The course costs $2,799. However, the first 100 students are eligible for a significant discount on tuition for providing feedback to help shape the course to meet their needs.

Is there financing?

Unfortunately there is no financing at this time. Next Level Coder is not eligible for student loans. However, we accept a variety of payment methods including credit cards which will allow you to finance the cost of your education.